There Is No Mortal Who Is Non-moral Or Purely Immoral

The same is the case with the third and the fourth class of people

who are assumed as non-moral or purely immoral. There is no person,

however morally degraded he may be, but reveals some good nature in

his whole course of life. It is our daily experience that we find a

faithful friend in the person even of a pickpocket, a loving father

even in a burglar, and a kind neighbour even in a murderer. Faith,

sympathy, fri
ndship, love, loyalty, and generosity dwell not merely

in palaces and churches, but also in brothels and gaols. On the

other hand, abhorrent vices and bloody crimes often find shelter

under the silk hat, or the robe, or the coronet, or the crown. Life

may fitly be compared with a rope made of white and black straw, and

to separate one from the other is to destroy the rope itself; so also

life entirely independent of the duality of good and bad is no actual

life. We must acknowledge, therefore, that the third and the fourth

propositions are inconsistent with our daily experience of life, and

that only the second proposition remains, which, as seen above,

breaks down at the origin of morality.