The Mystery Of Life

Thus far we have pointed out the inevitable conflictions in life in

order to prepare ourselves for an insight into the depth of life. We

are far from being pessimistic, for we believe that life consists in

confliction, but that confliction does not end in confliction, but in

a new form of harmony. Hope comes to conflict with fear, and is

often threatened with losing its hold on mind; then it renews its

life and takes
root still deeper than before. Peace is often

disturbed with wars, but then it gains a still firmer ground than

ever. Happiness is driven out of mind by melancholy, then it is

re-enforced by favourable conditions and returns with double

strength. Spirit is dragged down by matter from its ideal heaven,

then, incited by shame, it tries a higher flight. Good is opposed by

evil, then it gathers more strength and vanquishes its foe. Truth is

clouded by falsehood, then it issues forth with its greater light.

Liberty is endangered by tyranny, then it overthrows it with a

splendid success.

Manifoldness stands out boldly against unity; difference against

agreement; particularity against generality; individuality against

society. Manifoldness, nevertheless, instead of annihilating,

enriches unity; difference, instead of destroying agreement, gives it

variety; particularities, instead of putting an end to generality,

increase its content; individuals, instead of breaking the harmony of

society, strengthen the power of it.

Thus 'Universal Life does not swallow up manifoldness nor extinguish

differences, but it is the only means of bringing to its full

development the detailed content of reality; in particular, it does

not abolish the great oppositions of life and world, but takes them

up into itself and brings them into fruitful relations with each

other.' Therefore 'our life is a mysterious blending of freedom and

necessity, power and limitation, caprice and law; yet these opposites

are constantly seeking and finding a mutual adjustment.'