Enlightened Consciousness Is Not An Intellectual Insight


Enlightened Consciousness is not a bare intellectual insight, for it

is full of beautiful emotions. It loves, caresses, embraces, and at

the same time esteems all beings, being ever merciful to them. It

has no enemies to conquer, no evil to fight with, but constantly

finds friends to help, good to promote. Its warm heart beats in

harmony with those of all fellow beings. The author of

Brahmajala-sutra fully expresse
this idea as he says: All women are

our mothers; all men our fathers; all earth and water our bodies in

the past existences; all fire and air our essence.

Thus relying on our inner experience, which is the only direct way of

knowing Buddha, we conceive Him as a Being with profound wisdom and

boundless mercy, who loves all beings as His children, whom He is

fostering, bringing up, guiding, and teaching. These three worlds

are His, and all beings living in them are His children.[FN#157]

The Blessed One is the mother of all sentient beings, and gives them

all the milk of mercy.[FN#158] Some people named Him Absolute, as

He is all light, all hope, all mercy, and all wisdom; some, Heaven,

as He is high and enlightened; some, God, as He is sacred and

mysterious; some, Truth, as He is true to Himself; some, Buddha, as

He is free from illusion; some, Creator, as He is the creative force

immanent in the universe; some, Path, as He is the Way we must

follow; some, Unknowable, as He is beyond relative knowledge; some,

Self, as He is the Self of individual selves. All these names are

applied to one Being, whom we designate by the name of Universal Life

or Spirit.

[FN#157] Saddharma-pundarika-sutra.

[FN#158] Mahaparinirvana-sutra.