Flight Of The Sixth Patriarch


On the following morning the news of what had happened during the

night flew from mouth to mouth, and some of the enraged brothers

attempted to pursue the worthy fugitive. The foremost among them,

Hwui Ming (E-myo), overtook the Sixth Patriarch at a mountain pass

not very far from the Monastery. Then Hwui Nang, laying down the

Kachaya on a rock by the road, addressed the pursuer: This is a mere

symbol of the patriarc
al authority, and it is not a thing to be

obtained by force. Take it along with you, if you long for it.

Upon this Hwui Ming, who began to be ashamed of his base act, tried

to lift the Kachaya, but in vain, for it was, as he felt, as heavy as

the rock itself. At last he said to the Sixth Patriarch: I have

come here, my brother, not for the sake of this robe, but for the

sake of the Law. Grant my hearty desire of getting Enlightened.

If you have come for the Law, replied Hwui Nang, you must put an

end to all your struggles and longings. Think neither of good nor of

evil (make your mind pure from all idle thoughts), then see how is,

Hwui Ming, your original (mental) physiognomy! Being thus

questioned, Ming found in an instant the Divine Light of Buddha

within himself, and became a disciple of the Sixth Patriarch.